Sometimes a Bridge is Better

300x194xAllen_Bridge.jpg,q1378845187.pagespeed.ic.3yGIDPVZoGFew can argue that the world is becoming more diverse and that success in life may rely on our ability to connect with others and be “politically correct”. The challenge lies in opening our eyes and minds to connecting with people who are different from us. This way of thinking goes against the general American upbringing that one “should not talk to strangers”.

In a summer 2013 article, What We Should be Doing with Diversity on Our College Campuses, Danielle S. Allen discusses her thoughts regarding the role of colleges and universities and diversity education.  Colleges and universities, due to their potential for a diversity-rich student body, combined with the natural environment of goal-oriented group opportunities, may be the optimal sites for developing cultural competence.

The following article discusses two types of relationships, bonds and bridges. The differences between bonds and bridges are described as well as the concept of “bridging ties” to improve social outcomes.

What are your thoughts?  Does this way of looking at relationships change what you think in any way?