How To Contribute

Want to help keep the diversity blog alive and vibrant? There are two simple ways to contribute to the blog

  1.  If you already have a WordPress account – contact and we will email you an invitation to become a contributor. As a contributor you can compose your article directly on the WordPress blog dashboard, where it will be reviewed and published by the administrator.
  2. If you do not have a WordPress account (or if you do not wish to use your WordPress username) – email your article as a Word Document to, where it will reviewed and published under the SHSPDC user account. You may choose to add your name to the article or designate that you would prefer to remain anonymous.

Now you may be thinking, what does this blog post need to include? Here is a quick check list to make sure you’ve included everything we require in our posts.


  • Title
  • Full Name and Title, if you choose to disclose
  • Featured Image
  • Tags
  • Links to any media (if applicable)
  • Poll questions/ responses (if applicable)